Friday, October 23, 2009

The Formless
The formless is ruling your life. The formless is ruling the world. And there is a greater formlessness that is ruling the entire creation. And you are the center of that greater formlessness, whatever you call it---God, Consciousness, No-Mind, Nirvana, Spirit, anything you call it by name.

Sorrow needs to be lived through and gotten rid of. It should not be suppressed.

Love and Hate
Love cannot tolerate distance, and hatred cannot tolerate nearness.

Meditation and Death
Meditation is very similar to this experience of void. In meditation you realize you are not just the body, but you are more than the body. That annihilates the fear of death.

God Loves Fun
Nature loves to give you surprises. God loves fun. He always gives you surprises---sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant. And you grow by unpleasant as well as by pleasant. In fact you grow much more by unpleasant surprises than the pleasant ones.

Observe, Don't Identify
Observe the tendencies that come up in you, and do not think you *are* those tendencies.

The Way Out of Ignorance
The way to come out of ignorance is a definite understanding, a definite knowledge in the mind, that my body is undergoing change all the time, the world is undergoing change all the time, the entire universe is in a state of fluidity and it is all full of change and it is going on on its own, according to its nature.

Knowledge about Self
This body is all hollow and empty, and every particle in this body is changing, and changing, and see this definite knowledge, that I am not the body, I am the Self, I am the space, I am the Imperishable, untouched, untainted by the "prakriti," by this world around me.

A Point In Us
There is a point in us that will remain ever pure, total joy, and bliss---bliss that can never be taken away from us.

The very purpose for being in this body, for every one of us, is to live and rejoice in that virgin area, that untouched, pure and ever green, blissful area of our Self.

Intense Joy
When we get in touch with the source of life, then all of other tensions, worries which have been clouding this manifestation, fall off and we can sing, dance, and be happy. Life can become very intense, intense in the sense of being joyful.

What do you Want in Life?
What is it that one wants in life? It is joy, is love. And that is one's very nature.

No Way
There is no way---not by any action or by words---that you can ever convince anybody that you really love them. The more we try to do it, the more we are doing the contrary.

All Pain
That feverishness to achieve what you want is all painful. When you have it, the fear of losing it is painful. When it is gone, the memory of its joy is painful. So the whole thing is all pain!

Spiritual Practices..
If you do spiritual practices, to do that needs an effort---that is painful.

Don't Get Lost
The whole world is here for you to enjoy, but when enjoying, don't forget your SELF.

Everything in this universe is dynamic. There is nothing that is static.

Pleasure & Pain
This entire universe is there to give you pleasure and release. Whatever gives you pleasure should also give relief. Otherwise, the very pleasure becomes pain.

Too Much
The same thing which gave you pleasure is now making you suffer. If you are forced to eat twenty apple pies you will hold your head and say, "Oh my God! I want relief from this. I want to get away from this! Enough is enough!"

Self Is the Center
The Self is the center of the whole creation.

Every Inch Filled with Bliss
For one who has awakened in knowledge, there is no more suffering. The world appears completely different. For him every inch of this creation is filled with bliss, is a part of the Self.

Deep into yourself
The Divine is only waiting for you to dig a little deeper into yourself, that is all.

The Sattvic Intellect
The sattvic intellect is one that just does the job joyfully and is unmindful of the results. Let things happen or not happen---either way they don't lose their enthusiasm.

Lack of Understanding
Lack of understanding of life causes fear. People are afraid of love, people are afraid of meditation, people are afraid of death, people are afraid of themselves.
Ignorance, lack of awareness, is cause of fear. Just a glimpse of the Being, of the
Self that you are, that you are beyond death, roots out the fear totally.

Knowledge of Death
Knowledge of death makes you immortal. It's wrong to even say, "makes you immortal." It makes you aware that you are immortal, anyway.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Time, Mind and Samadhi
When the mind is happy, it expands; then time feels too short. When the mind is unhappy, it contracts; then time feels too long. When the mind is in equanimity, it transcends time.

Every pain that you undergo in this process is for the higher growth. A seed has pain to sprout, and a sprout has pain to become bigger.

This entire creation is rejoicing in you. Because, it is a play, it is a game. It's not a serious something that is judged and punished.

Nectar and Poison
In every breath there is Divine nectar. There is nectar that flows out of it. Or poison can flow.

You sit and think
you sit and feel. Do you think that feeling just remains with you? It reaches far beyond this universe.

Root cause of Depression
Be active, but not obsessed with or feverish about fulfilling desires because that is the root cause of depression. If you are depressed, underneath the depression, is a lingering desire.

Looking Ahead
Where will we be in 5,000 years? What is going to happen in 5,000 years? Have a bigger plan! In 10,000 years, what is going to happen? Where will you be?

Many problems have come, many problems have been solved, and each problem has enriched life in some way, has brought up some strength in you.

The Perpetual Dance
In nature, both destruction and creation are complementary. They are two steps---like day and night. All opposite values in nature, they all dance together. It has been that way since the beginning. It'll continue 'til the end.

However it is...
Your life, itself, is a celebration of the Infinity, the Divine---however it is.

Listen from Your Heart
We have this ability, but we have forgotten to listen from our heart. That is why we are tense and worried and dull and dry---we feel dry in life. The joy comes when we can listen from our heart.

Head and Heart
Use your brain, it's necessary. Use your brain. I'm not saying shut off your brain and only live in the heart all the time, no. It has its function. But it is possible that we have shut off functioning from the heart and we are stuck in the head---that is another extreme.

Yoga is to realize that your mind is dynamic, your life is dynamic. Depression is a sign of static understanding about life. When you feel everything in life is dead, static, there is nothing more, nowhere to go - that is when one gets depressed.

This Creation
The world is not a dead place, the creation is not a dead place. It is solidified consciousness, and it is dynamic. And it is new.

A Devotee
A devotee is not there even for wisdom. He simply is in love. He has fallen in deep love with the master, with the infinity, with God. He doesn't care whether he gets enlightened or not.

A devotee will never fall. He cannot fall. There is no chance for it.

Every Stop
For every stop, the previous phase has to be dissolved. One phase is dissolved to give space for another, and it is always evolutionary. So there is no reverting back, no reversing - it is evolutionary. It can stop for a while, but then it continues.

Heart and Head
When heart speaks and heart listens, harmony is produced. It is always so. When head talks and head listens, argument is produced.

Whether you agree with me or disagree with me, what does it matter to what is? What is, is

Sound and Silence
When you listen, listen to something more. Not just to the sound, but to the silence, too.

It's not the action
It's not the action.. it is the state of your Being, the intention deep inside from which you act, that makes a difference

Look Inside Another
You may not like somebody's action, what they do, but look into that Divine love that is deep inside them.

No Going Back
For every step, the previous phase has to be disolved. One phase disolves to give space for another, and it is always evolutionary. So there is no reverting back, no reversing---it is evolutionary. It can stop for a while, but then it continues.

Hindi Sutras
Tumhara jeevan, swayam, Anant, Ishvar, ka utsav hai ---jaise bhi ho.

Prakriti main, douno vinash aur srijan ek dousre ke purak hain. Yeh dou tareeke hain---jaise din aur raat. Srishti main saare vipareet goun, ek saath nachte hain. Arambh se yeh isi tarah se hai. Annt tak aisa hi chalta rahega.

Go Ahead!
There is a song deep inside you. You are born to sing a song and you are preparing. You are moving around in the stage with your dresses, but you are forgetting to sing---holding the mike, too, but you are keeping silent. 'Til that time, you'll be restless---until you can sing that song which you have come on the stage to sing. Doesn't matter if you feel a little out of tune for one minute or two. Go ahead. Sing.

Recognize the Divinity
When you move in the world, recognize the Divinity in things around you, in people around you. Listen with your heart.

Unlimited Joy
This is quite natural: your mind is not satisfied with limited joy. It wants unlimited joy. The desire of every mind is to go to the source where it is unlimited joy.

Floating in the Ocean
We are all floating bodies, like shells in the ocean of life.

You cannot separate the wave from the ocean.

Not the Body
The life of a fish is in the water, not in the body.

Life is a Vast Ocean
Observe that there is something much more than your "doership." It is like a vast ocean. Life is not just in your body. It is between you and me and everybody else.

I'm not saying, "Don't be active." I'm saying, observe the spontaneity of action.

Birds' Song
Have you ever observed birds singing and felt this is something so eternal---it's the Divine who is singing through these birds?

Heart is your home
Listen from your heart. Soak into it. Observe. That is your home. And your brain, your intellect is like a car, it's the motor that drives you there. But even after getting into your garage if you refuse to step out, you wont reach home.

Hindi Sutras
1. 5000 saal main hum kahan honge? 5000 saal main kya hone vala hai? Kuch bada soucha hai! 10,000 saal main kya hone vala hai? Tum kahan hoge?

2. Pratyek saans main Ishvarya amrit hai. Amrit hi ous se bahar ki

3. Yeh sampoorn srishti tum main khushiyan mana rahi hai. Kyonki, yeh ek natak hai, yeh ek khel hai. Yeh koi gambhir samasya nahin hai jise jancha jaye ya dundit kiya jaye.

4. Pratyek dard jo tum is kriya main anubhav karte ho tumhari unnati ke liye hai. Ek beej ankurit hone ke liye dard uthata hai our ankur bara hone ke liye dard uthata hai.

Let Me Share
Attaining the highest, one never feels, "Oh, I have attained, let me sit back." No, the very nature of the highest joy is to share, is to bring it to everyone.

In every little mind, different thoughts come and different moods are there. But, when we sing, what happens?
When we all sing same song, it resonates in the mind. Singing is called bhajan because you can share it very easily with everybody. Same sound is in every consciousness. Similarly laughing is also a bhajan if everyone is laughing. Have a sense of one-ness with everything-trees, animals, sky, mountains, people. Sharing your life is bhajan. Bhajan means sharing. Sharing that which the Divine is.

Mere presence
The mere presence of the sun brings all the activity in the world. In the same way, your mere presence is a service, is the goal. There is no gain, no loss, no purpose, no defeat.

Thoughts simply arise - but you choose to act or not act. This is what awareness brings in you. If you are not aware, you simply act on the strongest impulse or strongest thought.

The nature of joy is to share, to expand, to stretch.

Fountain of Joy
Each of the senses lead you to a point deep inside you that is the fountain of joy. Whether touch, sex, or sight, or music, or smell, or taste - the joy that is coming to you is coming from a source deep within.

This One Thing
If trust, this one thing, happens in us, our life will completely be transformed. It'll be very, very different. You won't sit and worry---what will happen to you, what about tomorrow---this will not happen. You'll smile through life.

Superficial Trust
Our trust is very superficial. It's just a covering for our fears. We are afraid and we don't want to feel that way, so we force the trust on us. We think we have trusted, and when the time comes it falls apart

Mind and Body
Our senses have a limited capacity to enjoy, but the desire in the mind to enjoy is infinite. This is where opposition begins: the mind wants to enjoy, but your body is too tired to enjoy.

Lift up---look into that vastness of the creation
Our head is stuck inside a drum, and we think that is the sky. It is so vast, our universe. lift your head up and look into that vastness of the creation.

Ultimate Flowering
Love is the ultimate flowering, and you cannot force it to happen. It is a gift to you, again, it's a gift to you. It's a happening, a spontaneous phenomenon. Ahh - we can drop all the obstacles that we might put for it to happen.

Breath is the Link
Breath is the link between your body and your spirit and your mind.

Celebration happens when the mind unites with the spirit.

Love is a happening, a phenomenon. Can you create love inside you? It is not possible

Wake up and Realize
Wake up and realize this is all made up of thoughts, just thoughts, just thoughts. Your appreciation of beauty is a thought, your aversion to an object that is ugly is a thought. Your craving or aversion is nothing but a passing thought in the mind. Realize this is just a thought and you will be free.

Compassion or Forgiveness
Compassion is better than forgiveness. The very word "forgiveness" implies that there is an intention in somebody's mistake. Somebody is bad so you are going to "forgive" them. Peep into their heart. Go beyond their words, beyond their behavior---you will see, they need compassion, they need help.

When something wrong happens, we either blame ourselves or blame somebody else. We don't just take things as they are, we want to find out a reason, and label it, and put the blame on somebody else. Or, on ourselves.

Wake up & Realize
Wake up and realize this is all made up of thoughts, just thoughts, just thoughts. Your appreciation of beauty is a thought, your aversion to an object that is ugly is a thought. Your craving or aversion is nothing but a passing thought in the mind. Realize this is just a thought and you will be free.

When You Let Go
Regret piles up and piles up and it becomes so big---and you blow up. Do you see this happening to you? When you let go, your mind can be in the present moment, more and more and more and more. You are able to smile and laugh from the depth of your heart. Life becomes more light and easy.

Your own concepts have created "walls" and so you need a "door." But when there are no concepts, there are no walls.

Past or Future
Observe your mind---it's either in the past or in the future. Do you see that? We regret the past and are anxious about the future.

Emotions and Sensations
Every mood of mind, every wave of emotion in us, has a corresponding rhythym in the breath. And this rhythym in the breath has a corresponding sensation in different parts of the body. They're all linked. And when we look at them, observe them, then life becomes more integrated.

Getting old
Though you may feel, "I am going to die, I am old getting old," - this is superficial. Deep down inside you, you know for sure you are not.

Feel the Presence
In the presence of one who is so quiet, you can feel a Presence. It's not an intellectual something, but in an experiential way you feel a Presence. It's very subtle.

The self as a different entity, an object, is what people are trying to see. That is an illusion.

Real Game
When "winning" and "losing" don't have any meaning, that is when the real game happens, play happens. Otherwise it is war. War has a significance for winning or losing.